Driver Job Description

 Position Function:

  • Drive a 5-passenger van and safely transport Senior Center members (passengers) around the Monroe area and assist them with loading and unloading groceries, shopping bags, etc.
  • Schedule rides around the Monroe area for Senior Center members keeping the route and schedule in mind to maximize time and efficiency.
  • Drive a 14-passenger shuttle bus and safely transport Senior Center members on various excursions and trips throughout the local region and the larger Pacific Northwest.


  • Ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers transported by the Center in a friendly and professional manner.
  • Familiarize self with the vehicle, submit daily maintenance checks, report any repairs needed, then schedule for repair.
  • Schedule vehicle for maintenance work as needed and for when schedule allows.
  • Develop and provide updated schedules on a regular basis.
  • Keep the vehicle clean on the inside and outside to ensure safety and a professional appearance.
  • Make sure cell phone is readily charged and working properly.
  • Keep a daily maintenance log of mileage driven, and expenses incurred. Turn receipts and any paperwork into Program Manager.
  • Maintain good communication with Senior Center staff as issues and questions arise.
  • Abide by all safety regulations, laws and ordinances while driving for Monroe Community Senior Center.
  • Report all accidents, including personal injury of self and/or passenger, to the Director, regardless of whether there is apparent damage and/or injury.
  • Report any traffic citations, accidents, and/or conviction or change in driver’s license status, whether incurred during or outside of work for MCSC.


  • Must possess a valid WA State Driver’s License and clean driving record.
  • Consent to WSP background check.
  • Knowledge of cell phone operation.
  • Knowledge of Monroe streets and ability to map out a route.
  • Have an eye test on file with the Senior Center updated at least every 3 years.
  • Provide annual motor vehicle record check when requested.
  • Consent to urinalysis tests and or medical examination when requested.

 Hours of work: On average 12 – 20 hours per week. 8:45 – 3:15 Tuesdays and Thursdays and variable hours for weekly trip on Wednesdays. Occasional weekend and/or evening driving for trips and special events.

Email for a job application or to send resume.